A Lesson in Experiential Marketing

spevcoWe were lucky this week to have an intern in our midst. Rebecca Lassiter, a senior at Bishop McGuinness High School in Kernersville, NC, and prospective Northwestern student, spent three days shadowing Gary Fly and others to learn a little about what we do here at Spevco. It was all for a senior project to help students learn some of the careers available and see how what they are learning and will learn is put to action in the workforce.

Rebecca was able to learn a lot during her days here at Spevco. She has interest in engineering, and was able to see first-hand the manufacturing engineering that takes place here at Spevco. She also learned some about industrial engineering and efficiency and how it fits into a company. She even had a chance to learn about the administrative and sales end of things. “I had the opportunity to attend an engineering open house at NC State, and they gave us an overview of the engineering program, but being able to come to Spevco was great because now I see what engineering actually entails,” Rebecca said.spevco

What really makes Spevco unique is that we are one of the few experiential marketing companies that is a true turnkey operation, taking care of everything from ideation and design to manufacturing, tour operation and even maintenance and storage. For Rebecca that meant an opportunity to see how things work from start to finish.

Having the chance to shadow engineers at Spevco was a great opportunity for Rebecca, but it was an opportunity for us as well. For a lot of us here at Spevco, as exciting as it is to create fabulous designs and manufacture trailers that will take exhibits of all sorts across the country, spevcoit’s still a job we come to every day, and sometimes it can feel mundane. It sure was nice to have fresh face come in and be awed and inspired to help put that spring back into our step as well and help us realize just how great it is that we’re all doing a job we love. We appreciate the opportunity to have had Rebecca in our midst for a few days, and wish her all the best as she embarks on a new journey after graduating from high school.

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