branded trucks for marketingBranded Trucks Care & Storage Made Easy!

One of the benefits of Spevco’s turn-key approach to developing experiential marketing vehicles is that even when it’s your off-season, we’re still hard at work. We provide storage and maintenance of branded trucks for all of our clients, helping keep your exhibits looking their best each and every time you hit the road.

Every client’s schedule is different, but for many reasons, the winter months seem to be when most of our specialty trailers are back at SPEVCO ‘s home base, spending time in our warehouses or storage units. It’s partly because things just slow down during the winter and there aren’t as many outdoor marketing events and shows. It’s also because unpredictable winter weather can make travel treacherous, so it’s safer to schedule downtime for these traveling exhibits. Whatever the reason, downtime is important. It gives our crew at Spevco the time they need to touch up images and perform regular maintenance.

Improvements Made To Specialty Trailers In Storage:

  • New skins – It’s only to be expected that a trailer will suffer a few scratches and dents after months on the road. When a trailer comes back into Spevco for storage, the first thing we do is send it to maintenance, where the outside images are either touched up or totally re-done, depending on the level of damage.
  • Internal changes – For many of our clients, even though the brand remains constant, the purpose or goals of the exhibit will change from year to year. When the trailer is off the road, it provides the perfect opportunity to make some substantial changes to the exhibit. That might mean changing out the kitchen in a food truck to go from cooking hamburgers to frying up chicken sandwiches or a client deciding they need more space for people to have private meetings, changing the floor plan of their exhibit. Whatever the request, our team is always available to make your goals a reality.
  • Thorough clean up – Whether or not you’re making big changes to the inside, the fact remains that the exhibit has been on the road for months. Keeping it clean on the road is a priority of our driving team, but that doesn’t discount the fact that most exhibits are due for a good, thorough deep cleaning when they come in for a break.

Our specialty trailers represent our own company and brand just as much as they represent our clients’ company and brand, and we want to make sure we’re putting the best possible show on the road with each and every exhibit we send out. That’s why these months that allow us to do maintenance work are so important, and why our client satisfaction remains high. We give you our best, year after year so that you can give your customers your best.

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