spevcoEvery year the Super Bowl is an exciting event. The football game is just part of the activities going on that weekend and prior to game day, with specials on television and all types of sports marketing events taking place in the months prior to the big game.

This year is no exception, and in fact, with 2016 marking the 50th Super Bowl, there is even more going on. Spevco was lucky to be a part of some of the pre-Super Bowl 50 excitement. Together with a team from MKTG, a marketing firm representing the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee, we worked to create the Chevron 50 Tour, a mobile marketing extravaganza that made 18 stops within three months around the San Francisco Bay area at a variety of festivals and events.

The mobile marketing unit was designed to be a goodwill tour throughout the area while also promoting Super Bowl 50. It was an opportunity to showcase the eight Vince Lombardi trophies won by area football teams, five from the San Francisco 49ers and three from the Oakland Raiders, and it was the first time all the trophies were in one place. The exhibit also provided space for photo ops and interviews with NFL celebrities; an interactive, education exhibit showing how science and technology play a part in the fun of football; an obstacle course sponsored by Play60; and an exhibit feature the area’s top high school players and coaches. It might sound like a lot to try to accomplish in one exhibit, but the creative and manufacturing team at Spevco is always up for a challenge, and the opportunity to bring something like this to life is always fun. spevco

Our design team with years of experience in interactive exhibits worked to make the STEM Zone so cool that the kids, and even adults, who experienced it would fall in love with science and technology. After all, who wouldn’t when applied to football? Our designers were also able to create a venue for the high school honor roll and the many Vince Lombardi trophies that not only showcased these important honors with the necessary respect, but also presented the right atmosphere for the many meet and greet opportunities with NFL celebrities.

“Compared with some of our other projects, that might be on the road for a year or more, this project had a relatively short timeline,” said Chris Stonehouse of Spevco. “But it was an exciting opportunity, and MKTG was great to work with. It’s just great to be a part of Super Bowl 50, especially as part of a goodwill tour like this where we’re really getting out into communities and sharing great information.”

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