Exhibit Operations

SPEVCO is the mobile marketing industry leader at program planning, development, staffing and management of mobile tours. SPEVCO provides trained, knowledgeable tour operators that ensure the best brand experience for your target audience. Our goal is to help you achieve yours.

SPEVCO Provides Fully Trained PersonnelOperations Department

Our tour operators deliver exhibits to event locations on-time, comply with all reporting and paperwork required by the DOT, and are responsible for set-up and tear-down of the exhibit at the event location. They monitor all exhibit operations during the event, coordinating all emergency repairs as required. The tour operators handle all issues related to event operations, fuel deliveries, staff refreshments, security, waste pick-up, etc. They maintain all exhibit components, systems and vehicles. They are responsible for scheduling and implementation of maintenance stops during the tour.

In addition to the many services our tour operators provide, SPEVCO’s Operation Management Team stays in constant communication during your event tour—our company schedules weekly client conference calls, and provides clients with weekly tour event reports. They are also experienced with obtaining ATA Carnet permits for border crossing into Canada and permits needed for any other border crossing for your international needs. Our operations team is easy to contact and are always available to meet the changing demands of a mobile tour.

SPEVCO Exhibit Operations Coverage

Covered under Event Operations, SPEVCO will handle all DOT regulations:


  • IFTA and any required permitting
  • Federal inspection
  • DOT required reports
  • Insurance
  • CDL requirements
  • Vehicle markings & regulations
  • Complete record keeping as required
  • ATA Carnet permits