spevcoIt’s no surprise that you’ll find a lot of our Spevco team out on a race track of some sort on the weekends or tinkering with their own project in their garage after work. After all, a passion for the road and all it entails is part of what makes our team great at their job. But when we see that passion coming through in the next generation, we couldn’t be more proud.

For Savannah Adams, 16-year-old daughter of our maintenance supervisor Howie, Friday nights at the race track were a way of life. She went with her dad, a 30-year veteran of drag racing, because hanging out at the dragstrip were fun. “Other people bring their kids, and the get to know each other and hang out at the races,” Howie said. But Savannah wasn’t content to just hang out. She wanted to be like her dad, and be in the races, so of course her dad found her a car and helped her get started.

Racing a dragster about half the size of her dad’s, Savannah has already seen some success, being named Rookie of the Year in 2012 at the Farmington Dragway Banquet and winning the last points race at the Piedmont Dragway this summer. “It just makes me so proud to see what she has accomplished,” Howie said.

While her accomplishments on the track are impressive, it’s what she’s learning off the track that might be even more important and contribute to her success. Because Savannah and Howie are both racing, he’s not really available in between her races to help with the round maintenance, but that’s not a problem for Savannah, whose father has taught her everything she needs to know to take care of her car on her own. Before the race she’ll change the oil, fuel up and make sure everything is safe to go. In between rounds Savannah fuels up again ad checks her tires, while downloading the data from the race and deciding what she wants to tweak for the next time. And of course, her dad is there to cheer her on and meet her at the finish line.

“I love that Savannah has gotten excited about racing, but what’s even more important to me is that it allows us a chance to spend a lot of time together,” Howie said. “I never would have imagined that drag racing would be what connects me with my daughter, but I sure have enjoyed it.”

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