Taking Kids to Mars – A Special Event

Boarding this school bus is an out of world experience. As you lean back on soft blue benches, the lights dim.

In the darkness, children giggle with anticipation. Slowly, the windows brighten to reveal the beautiful scenery of a bare Martian rocky desert. As the school bus bumps along a rocky trail, children “ooh” and “ahh” as a robotic voice is heard: “Welcome to Mars.”

As the bus travels along, a virtual Mars rover, visitors feel the adventure without the need of a spacesuit. The robotic voice guides you along, intermingle with transmissions from an astronaut at the NASA base: “Someone is going to Mars. Will it be you?”

The bus is a rolling gateway where children explore new worlds, literally and figuratively. Designed by Framestore, a British visual effects company, the vehicle programming provides children a “4D” experience for a full sensation of driving across the planet.

Want to learn more? Visit the Lockheed microsite here.