20150320_204754_resized_1Toyota’s “Make Your Mark” Mobile Exhibit

Toyota surprised Austin visitors at the SXSW event with the “Make Your Mark” mobile exhibit.

Shooting paintballs around a brand new Toyota Corolla, much artwork was generated and tweeted to the hashtag #MakeYourMark.  Each time a tweet posted, the paintball machine activated, providing a new segment to the customer engagement tour canvas. The experiential marketing display proved to be, as designed, a great way to pique initial interest from the public.

Bangers Beer Garden (the host restaurant) was ecstatic to have the added appeal of the exhibit. Toyota enjoyed the benefits of thousands viewing the new Corolla, while Bangers offered hand-crafted beer & food.


Toyota takes great pride in providing world-class live events and SPEVCO is happy to help.

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