Branded Truck & Trailer for Car Auction Show Cars

Mecum branded truck and trailerFor anyone who has watched one of the Mecum auctions on TV, you know how glamorous this side of car auctions can be. The glossy paint, rare cars and high-rollers willing to bid up to get what they want make for an exciting event. But that excitement had been limited to the people who happen to watch the auctions on TV or get to one in person, until Mecum joined up with Spevco to create a mobile marketing unit that brings that excitement out on the road. If you are looking to become a car trader and prefer purchasing your cars through auctions like this, you can look into something like traders insurance which will cover you while driving and working on customers’ vehicles.

“When they came to us, they wanted something they could take to car shows, events and their own auctions to interact with people and help build their brand,” said Chris Stonehouse, mission specialist. What they ended up with was an exhibit that can display a couple of cars at a time, on a stage just like the ones that are set up for each auctions. The cars come rolling out to huge fanfare, and people love to get up close and personal with the cars.

The interactive exhibit includes iPads where people can learn more about Mecum and register into their database for alerts of upcoming auctions and a regular newsletter. For registering they get a t-shirt, and then they’re able to get up on stage for a photo-op with the car, which they can share on social media. “It’s been a great way for them to really build excitement and advertise upcoming events,” Stonehouse said.Mecum Spevco

Mecum kicked off their 2016 auctions with a big event in Kissimmee, Fla., earlier this month, and Stonehouse was lucky to be able to be there and take part in some of the marketing events. From there the specialty trailer will travel to car shows and other outdoor events as it makes its way to the other auctions on tap for 2016. “Mecum’s marketing team has been really pleased with the success of this program,” Stonehouse said. “We not only created a customized trailer, but we cover the logistics of taking it on the road. Our all-inclusive, turn-key operations are what really set us apart from our competition, and that’s something the folks at Mecum can appreciate, as they’re also in a class of their own.”

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