Custom Mobile Medical Clinic & Outreach Units

Mobile clinic & Outreach are single or multiple expandable platforms outfitted with a variety of specialty equipment, clinical exam rooms, private offices, flex-space for wellness education classes and medical storage. Most are designed to bring expand the service area footprint of existing regional hospitals.

Popular medical suite designs can be selected for specific missions, or connected together to provide a variety of services based on community need. Ancillary services, such as fresh water, black water, staff quarters, power, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning are all designed and provided based on the suite configuration.

St. Joseph of the Pines (shown above) takes its commitment to serving those in need with its Mobile Rural Health unit, providing free medical and dental care in Cumberland, Lee and Moore counties of NC.

Since 2010, the Moore Free and Charitable Clinic offers home medical care to patients in the rural northern tier of Moore County. The semi also serves the emergency dental needs for those in extreme pain with no access to dental care.

Overall, SJP has treated more than 2,000 people, but still have over 700 people on the waiting list for dental services alone.

SJP also sponsors eye exams and free flu shots, striving to utilize the two exam rooms at all times.  The expandable stage allows the to partner with volunteers to bring educational and cultural enrichment to the community.

“What Is a Mobile Medical Clinic?

Mobile medical clinic units offer patients in less densely populated areas the opportunity to receive quality care from medical professionals who may not be as easily accessible to them for many reasons. Thes units are used in cases of preventative care, emergency care in disaster areas and by industries that incorporate simulations in their job training.

Thes custom designed mobile medical clinic can be built to your specifications.

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Companies that use these units have varying needs, as a result, we work closely with your company to design and build your medical clinic to fit your needs. “