homebuildersOne of the best parts of our work here at Spevco is getting to see the final product in action, and we had a great opportunity to do that this week! The National Association of Homebuilders’ International Builders Show (IBS) was held in Las Vegas January 19-21, and our own Bill Victory, a mission specialist, was there along with OSI to help demonstrate the unbelievable qualities of this company’s sealants and adhesives.

“One of the coolest things about this exhibit is the demonstrations,” Victory said. “We have a freezer on the truck and they will bring out the sealant completely frozen, cut it open and start using it right in front of the builders there at the show. The look on their faces when they see it is such a reward.”

There are also demonstrations in a rain simulator and a hot box where the product comes out heated to 110 degrees. “One of the goals of this year’s marketing experience is to get a good list of solid prospects for the new Certified Installer Program, and OSI has had great results from this show thanks in part to the excitement around the product demonstrations,” Victory said. IBS is just the beginning of a 10-month tour scheduled by OSI to take their products to builders all across the United States, and it’s not the first tour these folks have made. Spevco’s team began working with OSI a couple of years ago to design the mobile marketing program that first hit the road in 2015 to introduce the company’s new product line, Quad Max. The marketing plan includes two trailers, one that is constantly on the road and one that is out about half the time, to help the company cover more ground and get to as many people as possible with their exciting products.OSI Spevco

Victory worked with the marketing team from OSI to make sure their trailers were designed to their specifications and would communicate their products effectively through exciting, interactive displays. After working with Spevco for so long, the company has also been able to see the advantage of a turnkey operation that helps coordinate tour dates and manage events. Our tour operator is not only the driver but is on-hand to help with brand awareness and other necessities during shows. And during the few weeks when these trailers aren’t in use, our trained staff gives them a thorough cleaning and maintenance work-up, to make sure they are ready to hit the road again.

“This isn’t OSI’s first time on the road, but the excitement never decreases,” Victory said. “It was great to be able to be there at IBS to see how much fun people had with the OSI marketing experience.”

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