When Volvo Trucks marketing executives recognized the link between client engagement and increased sales, they immediately requested a mobile marketing exhibit design that highlights Volvo’s award-winning advanced technology increasing fuel efficiency, driver productivity, safety, and annual uptime.

The design incorporated a rapid-deployment platform with quick setup, easy-access and four large, nesting slide outs for maximum interior space. the completely climate-controlled space allows two distinct functional areas for training or distributor meetings, and R&D display.  With the Automated Deployment System, all sides expand easily to create a roomy interior with finishes resembling Volvo corporate headquarters.

A full-sized rotating Volvo tractor engine and transmission is displayed in the space, while the rear provides training and private meeting space. The VR driving experience gives both professionals and amateurs the opportunity to relax in a full-sized cabin and take a rumbling tractor for a virtual spin.  Additional custom displays and interactive elements provide the platform for Volvo to present an undiluted brand message and train their dealer network on the latest product developments.

Take a look at the Volvo Trucks Proven Tour exhibit in action –