Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance


Tire meets turf and transformation occurs: the stage is set for one of the most competitive events in the automotive world…

Once each year in August, 200 of the most prized collector cars in the world roll onto what is often called the best finishing hole in golf—the famed 18th fairway of Pebble Beach Golf Links.

Originally a small social event paired with a road race through the pine and cypress forests of Pebble Beach, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance has grown into the top-ranking collector car competition in the world.

The Concours is not a contest of speed, but of elegance. Automobiles and motorcycles are judged for their historical accuracy, technical merit and style—and the best garner reward and recognition.

The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance is likely to feature the following marques and special classes among others:

  • Isotta Fraschini
  • Castagna Coachwork
  • American Dream Cars in the 1960s

In tandem with the competition between extraordinary historic automobiles, each year the Concours also hosts some of the world’s most anticipated concept cars and new car debuts. View the latest CONCEPT CARS here.

SPEVCO provided the Cadillac Concept Car Showcase, pictured above.

Want to see more fantastic machines? Visit the Concours d’Elegance site here.

Smirnoff Rocks on the Road



While HARD Summer saw over 80,000 guests this past weekend, Mixmag and Smirnoff Sound Collective managed to provide an intimate setting for a select few DJ sets at their #SmirnoffHouse. The Smirnoff Sound Collective is all about bringing fans closer to the DJs, and that’s exactly how things went down during Mija’s set.

Mija’s FK a Genre take over (which featured Justin Martin, REZZ, Graves) put on quite the show and luckily for all those who weren’t able to attend, MixmagTV recorded her complete set from start to finish.


SPEVCO provides ongoing design, fabrication and operation services for the Smirnoff House.


Lockheed Martin Takes Kids to Mars


Taking Kids to Mars – A Special Event

Boarding this school bus is an out of world experience. As you lean back on soft blue benches, the lights dim.

In the darkness, children giggle with anticipation. Slowly, the windows brighten to reveal the beautiful scenery of a bare Martian rocky desert. As the school bus bumps along a rocky trail, children “ooh” and “ahh” as a robotic voice is heard: “Welcome to Mars.”

As the bus travels along, a virtual Mars rover, visitors feel the adventure without the need of a spacesuit. The robotic voice guides you along, intermingle with transmissions from an astronaut at the NASA base: “Someone is going to Mars. Will it be you?”

The bus is a rolling gateway where children explore new worlds, literally and figuratively. Designed by Framestore, a British visual effects company, the vehicle programming provides children a “4D” experience for a full sensation of driving across the planet.

Want to learn more? Visit the Lockheed microsite here.

Creating The Rheem Mobile Marketing Experience

Building a Winning Mobile Marketing Campaign

The Rheem High-Efficiency Roadshow offers opportunities to directly engage high-profile clients and distributors using live event marketing. Several features enhance the showroom space –

An eight-panel touch screen

One of the world’s largest mobile swipe-screen TVs, this feature allows interactive learning and in-person product demonstration. The screen showcases new, high-efficiency water heaters, but the novelty of swiping and moving diagrams such a large screen is exciting for visitors and customers alike.

Multi-use space

 The Rheem design is multi-functional.  It may be used as meeting space for up to 60 people, and within 30 minutes, it can be turned back into an interactive display space with water heaters and air conditioning units in place of the chairs.

You can visit the Rheem experience for yourself. It is a workhorse, with weekly training sessions at Rheem / RUUD distributors and providing hospitality space at NASCAR events supporting Rheem NASCAR Xfinity driver Austin Dillon.

Contact us to learn more about this and other distributor engagement programs.


The New DOT Regulations for eLogs

spevcoAt Spevco, we pride ourselves on safety. We maintain our clients’ trucks not only as a service to the client, but also because it guarantees that our equipment is maintained and prepared for the road. We have modern equipment, and our drivers are all Class A CDL drivers with great records. “Right now, Spevco has a great safety rating as far as drivers, and I want to keep it that way,” said Joe Patrick, vice president of operations and maintenance. “One of my main goals is to keep our safety rating where it is now.”

Staying on top of all the new regulations and procedures is one way Spevco maintains a high safety rating. As we wrote in a previous blog, new regulations from the DOT will be coming up in the fall of 2017, things that are made to improve safety for everyone on the road. One of the new regulations will be that every truck will have an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) installed, so drivers are no longer responsible for keeping up with their hours. It will all be done electronically through a GPS system wired into the truck. “It’s like the black box you hear about in the planes, we’ll have those on all our truck to measure pertinent information and give feedback,” Joe said.

The ELD will have an impact on drivers for Spevco, but it is one we are already planning for and will be almost unnoticeable to our clients. The biggest impact the new regulations will have is in making every minute a truck is on the road part of the log of official driving hours. Our operation is a little different than many truck drivers, in that we’re not hauling freight across the country and turning right around with another load. Instead, we are getting mobile marketing units to an event, and then staying at the event a day or two before hitting the road again. There is some drive time at the event location, but it is very little.

What these new regulations with the ELD means for Spevco and its clients is that there will be more of an emphasis on planning tours. “As always, we discuss everything with the client up front,” Patrick said. “With these new regulations it just means even the small details of the tour will have to be planned out from the beginning. A lot of times a client will add a show in and we’ll just fly an extra driver out to make it happen, but once the new regulations hit us we’ll have to plan all that ahead of time.” Planning will take into account a client’s budget, and the number of events they want to include. It might mean juggling driving days or adding an additional driver here and there, but no matter what, Spevco has it covered with its great logistics and planning team.

What makes Spevco unique in the industry is that we’re a turnkey operation. We take care of everything for you, and that includes knowing the rules of the road, maintaining high standards of safety, and getting a schedule worked out so that it meets your needs in marketing while also staying within the DOT’s regulations. It’s all a part of maintaining our high levels of customer service.

Please Contact us If you have any questions about how these new regulations will affect your marketing plans, or give us a call at (336) 924-8100.

Spevco: The Insider’s Tour

spevcoIt’s hard to miss Spevco’s headquarters. Not far outside of Winston-Salem, NC, the buildings that house the operations of this experiential marketing company rise up out of the rolling green tobacco and soybean fields, making quite a statement in this rural area of Forsyth County. The custom-designed, rocket brushed metal weathervane sign that announces you’ve arrived at your destination, let’s you know you are at a place where beauty and attention to detail are priorities.

Most people will come into Spevco through the main entrance, which is the door to the administrative offices and manufacturing facility. Whether you’re meeting in a first floor conference room or heading up to the offices on the second floor, you can’t help but notice the display cases full of models of the many different mobile marketing exhibits the talented team at Spevco has created over the years. You’ll see the Army unit that opened up into a rapelling center and the mobile hair salon built for John Frieda, just two of the many models that help show the amazing creativity and award-winning designs built by the Spevco team.

Adjoining the offices is the manufacturing complex. Still part of Building A, you feel like you’ve walked into a totally separate place once you step through the doors. This facility is massive, which it has to be in order to allow enough space for manufacturing multiple exhibits at one time. Spevco takes great pride in building from the ground up, which means there are 20-foot lengths of rectangular tube, of all different alloys, to be manipulated. On any given day you’ll see teams working on two or three jobs, each at different stages of completion. There’s everything from people working on building a hydraulic cylinder to teams constructing stages and activity areas within exhibits.

Next stop on the tour is Building B, the body shop. This is where the magic happens on the exterior of the mobile marketing exhibit. A team of experienced painters and finishers perform their magic, turning sheet metal and wood into mobile works of art. At Spevco we take great pride in the work that goes on in this building, not only because it’s where our clients’ brand and image is replicated on the exhibits for people all across the United States to see, but also because body work is where Spevco originally got started. Our CEO, Marty Tharpe, started out painting cars and restoring vintage automobiles in the 1970s, and quickly grew his business, first into sports marketing and now into the event marketing giant it is today.

Once you exit the body shop building, it’s a short walk through the parking lot to Building C, which houses operations, maintenance and customs. This place is busy year-round. The offices in this building are where the Spevco team works with clients to plan and coordinate tours, helping with all aspects from calling locations ahead of time to check for specific regulations to sending maintenance crews if anything happens while out on the road. Here you’ll also find the people who work with the drivers, working out schedules and making sure each client has the right team on the road for the job.

In addition to the offices, this building also houses the maintenance area where exhibits are brought after a tour for routine maintenance, or for a makeover before heading out again. Whether a mobile marketing exhibit is on its debut tour or out for the fourth year in a row, it always looks brand new thanks to the hard work of the tour and maintenance team. While the immense size of Spevco’s operations might be what makes the first impression, it’s actually the teams of people inside these facilities that make Spevco’s work unique in the industry. The years of experience, attention to detail and overall talent of our people can’t be matched.

To learn more about what Spevco can do for you, or to take your own personalized tour of our facility, call us at 336-924- 8100.


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    Please pass a note on to anyone who is connected to EJ and the hauler for helping with the day. SPEVCO’s operator was great in getting us around the track, to and from credential offices, explaining what to expect, hanging out with us some on pit road to show us what was what. It was well worth the trip to say the least!

    " David Brown – Systems Engineer, Ingersoll Rand
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    The people that work for this company are wonderful! They will show you some North Carolina Hospitality and treat you right. Their work stands for itself. Their customer service is top notch. SPEVCO is a good company that you can trust.

    " Charles Boltas – Cowboys Luxury Bus Operations, Dallas Cowboys Football Club
  • "

    SPEVCO’s Operator is very knowledgeable on our equipment and really shows an interest in the role that our company plays in the market. I’m sure that supports him in having more open and understanding conversations with customers. I hope to have the pleasure of working with Dave again in the future.

    " Harold Cox – Senior Technical Support Engineer, Parata Systems
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    There can be no greater testament than those of the consumer and client. Each year the program has demonstrated that it makes the connection with our audience and delivers a positive ROI. Please accept our heartfelt gratitude to everybody at SPEVCO for their outstanding work.

    " Martin Codd – VP of Production, Red Peg Marketing
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    I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much the east team and I enjoy working with Mike. He is amazing at what he does and adds so much value to the East mobile unit. He does a fantastic job and I just want you to know how much our team appreciates his hard work and positive attitude.

    " Kristin Swann – Sales Operations Specialist, Parata Systems
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    RedPeg has high standards and demands of all of our partners and SPEVCO always delivers. SPEVCO stepped up to provide value on ways we could accomplish those objectives through innovative ideas and solutions, responsive action and dedicated team support.

    " Mercedita Roxas-Murray – EVP Strategy/Brand Planning Principal, Red Peg Marketing

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