Mobile Marketing Vehicles Maintenance

The devil is in the details... a phrase that many of us have heard our entire lives and, when it comes to mobile marketing exhibits, trade-shows, disaster relief vehicles, mobile medical units, or really, anything we are counting on, the details will make or break the event. At Spevco, we have learned a lot of lessons since 1973. Chief among these lessons is that a proactive, preventive maintenance program is critical. As you may have seen, mobile marketing vehicle maintenance is the 5th step of our 5 step process but our attitude towards maintenance runs through steps 1-4, design, engineering, manufacturing, and operations.

Over 40 years of experience

Spevco has run/managed/operated literally thousands of tours over the last 40 years and, because we are often the people responsible for setting up and operating the event, we design, build, and maintain our mobile facilities in a manner to minimize downtime. It is really that simple. There are many designers of mobile marketing vehicles and most don’t build or operate them as well. There are many manufacturers of mobile exhibits and, again, most don’t operate the vehicles.

Full Warranties

At Spevco, we provide full warranties when we operate the vehicles and it is our people who are on the road setting the units up and tearing them down, so, we have a vested interest in ensuring the units don’t break. How do we do that? By building the best vehicles on the road AND by following a strict preventive maintenance protocol. What does this mean? It means that we build in regular maintenance based on mileage, it means that we actually involve our drivers in the build process so they can provide 24-hour on-site maintenance help. Also, it means that Spevco maintains a fully operational mobile marketing vehicle maintenance group staffed with people knowledgeable on all the vehicles we build. Spevco is really a bit unique in the industry as we guarantee that there is a 24 hour, manned, hotline that our drivers have access to to help them with any maintenance items that may occur while they are on the road. In addition to that, when designing a tour, we build in regular maintenance stops and preventive work. When building the units, we closely document with pictures, engineered drawings and notes, ever aspect of the build. This level of detail allows us to ensure the units are properly maintained when going through preventative maintenance and it allows us quickly resolve any unexpected maintenance items that may occur. If you have any specific maintenance questions or would like a maintenance quote on your vehicle, please contact Howie Adams at

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