Available Platforms

Event Marketing Vehicles Come In All Shapes & Sizes

The Custom Motorcycle

The Flex POD

The Static POD

The Mobile POD

The Box Truck

The School Bus

The Tour Bus

The Tag-Along - Truck Trailer Combo

The Tiny Tim

The Merchandise Trailer

The Vending Trailer

The Street Fair Trailer

The Heavy Duty Display Trailer

The Sign Up Event Trailer

Static Event Hospitality

The Rapid Deployment Vehicle

The Museum Trailer

The Aviator

The Hall of Fame Trailer

The Simple Single Expandable

The Deluxe Double Expandable

The Flow Trailer

The Double Stage & Awning Trailer

The Theater Trailer

The Small Screen Truck

The Big Screen Trailer

The Walk In

The Walk Up

The Walk Through

The Medical Coach

The Single Tower

The Double Tower

The Race Hauler

The Portable Race Pit

the Large Footprint 2-Story Hospitality Trailer

The Small Footprint 2-story Hospitality Trailer

The Storefront Trailer

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