Our Mobile Marketing Tour Vehicles

Special Event Vehicles For Experiential Marketing

If capturing attention is your first goal - you want a unique specialty trailer, branded truck or event vehicle to reflect your brand and style.

Don't risk your experiential marketing spend on a cookie-cutter platform without all the information and a creative partner.


Interactive Branded Event Truck

The Powerade Tour ferried two NHRA Funnycar Drag Race simulators to mobile marketing tour events across the country.

This 53' double stage & awning platform showcased V2 Push/Pull displays, “Pump it Up” interactive games, and educational videos.

It engaged auto enthusiasts at NHRA races, NASCAR races, retail outlets and auto distributorships around the country.

26 events in 22 US and Canadian markets


Product History Education

A McDonalds Fiesta Marketing Tour utilized a single expandable platform to share the History of French Fries.

The client reports phenomenal results on their southern US motorsports experiential marketing tour.

Sony Tech Tour

Custom Enclosed Gaming Trailer

Sony requested a mobile gaming experience sharing the latest software.
With an inflatable roof and four stages, the RRE (Rear Retail Expansion) shell slides & turns to create separate consumer spaces. Perfect for Sony's participation marketing event.

This allows consumers to experience the latest AV equipment & multi-city virtual tours, and browse equipment displays via virtual showrooms.


Banking Desert Outreach and Advertising Vehicles

The marketing staff at BB&T Bank needed an outreach tool for under-banked populations in rural areas, also known as banking deserts.

The custom marketing tour bus platform fit the program mission perfectly.

The bank also leverages these types of marketing vehicles at trade shows and community events for even greater ROI.

Snap-On Pavilion

Custom Stages for Event Marketing

Supporting their National Dealer network, three high-profile stage platforms converge on locations around the country and deploy into a Pavilion footprint.

Franchisees utilize the events to showcase product innovation and engage the local client base.

The latest tool R&D shares cutting edge battery-powered tool technology.

The series renews every year (currently 7 consecutive years) with custom graphics & AV components.

Other experiences include racing simulators, iRacing, the multi-taction "Create Your Ultimate Garage from Traction-factory, retail opportunities, a custom motorcycle from Orange County Choppers, and Joey Lagano's Infinity Cup car.

100+ events, US & Canada

John Frieda

Brand Awareness Salon Tour Vehicles

The famous John Frieda beauty product brand joined us to create a brand awareness tour for their US retail locations.

The unique design featured a full-height glass-walled mobile salon performing makeovers with new products for Elite Club clients.

Celebrity attendees included Kim & Khloe Kardashian.

The mobile salon toured 45 major cities and was a huge success for the brand.

NFL Media

Sporting Events Traveling Production Studio

This traveling production studio for NFL Media's Thursday Night Football tours with a 30' LED screen, soft guest seating, and leather couches for guest appearances.

The FanZone allows an extended stage with glass sides for live player & celebrity interviews.

Coke Zero

Multi-level Stage for Coke Zero Event

The Coke Zero hospitality platform helped with product launch and brand awareness tours. Coke toured this special event vehicle, with its barrel awning, custom stages, and one of the coolest multi-level platform designs in the country to music festivals and motorsports live events.

Staff offered product samples via automated onboard dispensers and performed contact capture with custom iPad apps for follow-up surveys.


Branded Tow Behind Trailers for Parata

This pharmaceutical manufacturing company selected a product demo platform to showcase their equipment.

Potential clients could see for themselves how the three automated lines of filling, labeling and packaging equipment cut costs and drove reporting compliance errors to negligible levels.

Parata operates a (multi-year) national tour.

Time Warner

Rapid Deployment Vehicle for the
"Home Of The Future"

Time Warner easily creates a unique interactive consumer experience using an RDV (Rapid Deployment Vehicle) platform. Double slides on rear offer extended space, and double ground-level stage & awnings invite consumers in to look around.

With a signup area and educational displays, brand ambassadors sign up cable customers at neighborhood experiential marketing events.

Exterior displays with back-lit fabric signage create high visibility promotional opportunities.

Army Sky Soldiers

Consumer Interactive Combat Helicopter Simulator

A group of seven (7) US Army Tours have been built and operated by SPEVCO.

The Sky Soldiers tour utilized SPEVCO's Aviation platform to house two combat helicopter simulators.

The ARMY also requested extensive obstacle courses displays and video kiosks for consumer interactives. Recruiters staff the tour as brand ambassadors.

Texas On Tour

Rapid Deployment Vehicle To Boost Tourism

The Texas Board of Tourism. commissioned a Texas on Tour program built on the Rapid Deployment Vehicle platform.

An 180-degree inflatable projection theater dome headlined the event, but the virtual reality whitewater kayaking ride stole the show.

The program is on a national tour and brings Texas scenery to the rest of the county. The rear of the platform is a green screen with Texas scenery, and exterior displays provide tons of photo opportunities.

Burger King

Mobile Food and Dining Tour Bus

On the international scene, the Burger Tour Bus is currently on tour in Puerto Rico.

The FD (Food & Dining) platform is equipped to cook & serve Burger King's signature flame-broiled burgers and sides.

A 36' serving window with awnings and full retail capabilities allow customers to "Have It Your Way."


Stages, Trailers, Branded Vehicles and More

Multiple Coke projects - Motorsports marketing tours with custom-built stages, live simulators, mobile marketing exhibits, and custom Coke-themed Harley motorcycles, sidecars are on tour.

Each year, the Coke-branded Harley proudly rides on exhibit for the Kyle Petty Ride Across America.

Other marketing and advertising tours include Coke race simulators, CRS Recycling tour, Coke Spring Break Tour, and Coke Tire Change competitions.

Grundfos Pumps

Rapid Deployment Vehicle for Customer Engagement

This Grundfos RDV (Rapid Deployment Vehicle) is on a long-term distributor customer engagement tour.

Grundfos tours showcase a line of super-sized industrial pumps impossible to carry, and also provides a theater experience highlighting recent R&D developments to dealers.

The dealer network has experienced huge success and increased sales by bringing the brand message and pump displays directly to the client, including working models, plumbing, control systems

Grundfos is currently on their 6th program year.

Bush Beans

Custom Built Platform for Foodie Event

The Bush Beans Country Kitchen stage & awning hospitality platform showcases wood accents and realistic graphics.

The rustic, southwestern-style design allowed product preparation and serving, cooking demonstrations, as well as a roll-out bar for scaling up special events.

US National Guard

Military Training & Educational Mobile Command Center

The National Guard "Energy Lab" Training & Educational Mobile CoCenter is a touring theater visiting schools around the country.

With a single stage and awning, the 48' expandable platform features tent based solar energy interactive displays, tiered-seating, and theater lighting.

The tour completed multiple circuits to maximize exposure over two years.

Irwin Tools

Mobile Tool Display for Brand Awareness Tour

Irwin Tools selected a custom built mobile tool display featuring VP (Vertical Promotions) slide up walls which create billboard displays when deployed.

The tour operates on a traditional Motorsports circuit with two identical platforms for product demo & brand awareness missions with fully branded tow vehicles.


Branded Truck & Trailer for
Sprint Cup NASCAR Tour

The Sprint Cup NASCAR Tour is 3 custom-engineered platforms carrying the world's largest LED screen (16x32').

8 full motion, networked racing simulators allowed fans to race each other while Ready Retail Areas (RRAs) deployed for customer service & on-site phone repair.

Platform activity was centered around multiple automated deployment stage & awnings, with expand-a-pods.

Tour vehicles have operated for 5 yrs+.

Johnson Controls / OPTIMA Batteries

Display Unit for Optima Battery Promotional Event

Optima Battery, a division of Johnson Controls, captured the uniqueness of their brand with an RRA (Rear Rotating Activity) unit.

Although touring to motorsports events and hosting clients was full-time, Optima gained even more ROI by visiting TV Shows and trade shows.

The client conference room features a battery-themed conference table, Ricaro 5-pt harness racing seat chairs, and a high-wire Audio-Visual system.

A 2nd level hospitality zone overlooks the event and the rear deck where broadcasters host event PR announcements and celebrity guests. The platform design was a Top 10 exhibit winner at SEMA in 2015.

Under Armour

Tow Behind Trailer & Branded Pickup Truck

The Under Armour College Football Tour hits practice fields all over the United States offering an RRR (Rear Rotating Retail) display and rooftop hospitality.

Serving as a launch pad for new product activation, the auto-deploy platform was easy to use.

With the oversized lowered stage, extend-a-pod, soft awning, and spiral staircase, the unit is super-inviting and brand ambassadors fill orders from open till close.

Volvo Truck

Branded Rapid Deployment Vehicle

Volvo operates on the Distributor Engagement program, with a capabilities & technology showcase.

Visitor attention on this modified RDV (Rapid Deployment Vehicle) with lowered stages centers around a cutaway rotating 5,000lb Volvo Truck engine block.

Other components featured are state-of-the-art VOLVO-Bendix disc brakes and axles and a virtual cab simulator where professionals can experience the Volvo difference.

The Distributor tour uses the event to highlight the brand message, safety features and R&D breakthroughs with the Volvo Education theater (70' & 80' Smart AV).

Cricket Wireless

Street Fair Trailer for Customer Engagement Tour

Cricket's consumer engagement tour visits retail & distributors at music festivals and tradeshows.

The VP (Vertical Promotion) slide up wall design promotes the streaming music service in a small footprint curbside setup, which deploys in less than 45 mins

40" TVs, modeled after cellphone screens, entertained visitors for hours.

The Speed Channel

Custom Event Stage With Scoreboard Sign

A 60' high rotating scoreboard sign was the crowning jewel of the Speed Channel's RaceDay Pavilion. Visiting motorsports venues across America, the TV tour moves fast.

It's one-button deployment of the giant rotating sign was no different, transforming from Road to Rotate in less than 1 hour.

The Speed Channel LED Display Truck

Small Screen Display Truck With Logo Wrapping

The world's largest LED display to live out of the BBT (Big Box Truck) footprint, it is the little brother to larger Sprint LED,

The Speed Channel utilizes the unit as a nimble scoreboard and broadcast display.

Lockheed Martin

Space Simulator School Tour Bus

Lockheed Martin is taking kids to Mars - virtually.

Climb aboard the Mars Experience! When the lights go down and the windows light up, the Martian landscape astounds everyone.

GPS & Lasers match the vehicle speed & orientation to the show - a left turn down Main Street is mirrored by a left turn down Mars Street.

A second tour bus is planned for 2017.

Dallas Cowboys

Special Trailer for Hall of Fame Tour

Dallas Cowboy fans can't wait to have the Hall of Fame Tour platform rumble up and unfold at their event.

This RDV (Rapid Deployment Vehicle) features an all-weather outdoor screen, which is auto-deployed and housed fully-protected & out of sight when not in use.

Custom pearlized paint (in Cowboy White), a unique logo sign grace the exterior. Inside, fans experience a trip to the locker room including Lombardi trophy displays and life-like replicas of legends Bob Lily & Emmitt Smith.

Mecum Auto Auctions

Show Car Display Trailer for Touring

Mecum Auto Auctions operates a national tour and TV show. For multiple years, this unique unit has served as show car display, transporter (with custom car lifts) for three-cars or eight motorcycles.

The Bid Goes On is the fan negotiating area, where a photo op with the mock auctioneer block makes long-lasting memories for auto enthusiasts.

Free-standing displays for memorabilia and sponsors invite visitors inside under a full-length soft race-day awning.

Super Bowl 50

Interactive Fan Experience Display

The San Francisco Bay Area was treated to the Super Bowl 50 Tour. Both San Francisco and the Oakland Raiders contributed to the displays and fan interactive experiences.

The platform, with lowered double stage & hard awnings, made entering and enjoying the experience super easy.

Real Super Bowl trophies (complete with a custom security system) graced the platform while celebrities and former players entertained the crowds.

American Express

Double Tower Display for On-Site Event Promotions

This 53' shell DPP Double Pivot Platform) opens to two (2) 25' towers. A 48' inflatable logo ball sits in middle, and a AMEX complete travel service office resides onboard.

One of the first disaster relief platforms in the world, the unit was equipped to make new credit cards, and was a fully operational bank, complete with safe, lounge, and satellite communications.


Inflatable Mobile Marketing Unit for Display

The SAP Technology Theatre lived as an IAP (Inflatable-Augmented Platform).

Visitors to the innovative sloped floor theater area were fully surrounded by integrated TV screens controlled by master boards.

Krispy Kreme

Store Replica Stage for Promotional Event

A reversed RRR (Rear Rotating Retail) platform, this unit was designed to 100% mirror Krispy Kreme's retail store.

Mobile doughnut-making machines and retail replacement for stores experiencing downtime, the unit was a workhouse for the company.

KK also served their country, mobilizing the vehicle to welcome returning soldiers home from tour, and show appreciation for their service.

The unit is also a world-traveler, going to Hawaii for 8 shows.

Royal Caribbean

Cruise Ship Unit for Display Advertising

The Royal Caribbean Cruises tour unit transformed into a giant cruise ship on location with a high-definition theatre inside enticing visitors to travel the seven seas.

Bank of America Tower

Mobile Customer Engagement Tour Exhibit

A national tour, the Bank of America Tower features a 53' platform rising from travel position and standing on end to celebrate the Australian Olympics. No cranes were necessary to create this one-of-a-kind exhibit that garnered attention at every venue.

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