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Experiential Marketing For Outreach & Education

"Intimacy and immediacy, I believe, are the conceptual underpinnings and unique advantages of experiential marketing." - Joe Depreta, MediaPost

Texas On Tour

"The results are compelling. The experiential marketing tour has been ongoing since 2012. Over 250,000 consumers engaged. Over 90,000 consumers have ordered Texas Tourism Travel Guides. As of today, an average of 11% of consumers who developed a relationship with Texas on our Tour have taken a Texas vacation." - Joe DePreta, MediaPost

VA WWII Museum

The custom enclosed trailer used on the tour recognizes & honors Virginians who served in WWI & WWII. This unique mobile exhibit includes interactive education – including WWI Navy video footage, photos, infographics, and artifacts. to create a compelling visitor engagement opportunity and learning experience.

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National Guard Energy Lab

The National Guard rolled out its mobile command cents to allows students to take part in their Learning Center Program, a nationwide tour to raise math and science literacy among high school students. The event trailer platform features the “Energy Lab” – a 24-seat multimedia theater and a large footprint tent housing kiosks focused on Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire.

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Army Strong

Lockheed Martin

The special event tour bus is a rolling gateway where children explore new worlds, literally and figuratively. Designed by Framestore, a British visual effects company, the specialty vehicle programming provides children a “4D” experience for a full sensation of driving across the planet.

Want to learn more? Click here to visit the Lockheed microsite or here for our full blog post.

St. Joseph of the Pines

St. Joseph of the Pines takes its commitment to serving those in need on the road with its Mobile Rural Health “semi,” a mobile medical clinic which is a custom built 18-wheel specialty trailer that is utilized to provide free medical and dental care in Cumberland, Lee and Moore counties.

In 2010, we received a federal grant to build the mobile medical unit. Since then, the touring medical clinic has been the Moore Free and Charitable Clinic medical home to patients in the rural northern tier of Moore County. The semi also serves the emergency dental needs of those in extreme pain with no access to dental care in the aforementioned counties.

Overall, we have treated more than 2,000 people. But we still have 700 people on the waiting list for dental services alone. SJP sponsors eye exams & free flu shots on the semi, which has two exam rooms and an expandable stage. With the help of volunteers, we partner to bring educational and cultural enrichment to the community.

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