FEMA Mobile Medical Clinic

FEMA mobile medical units may have never been needed more than after Hurricane Katrina struck the New Orleans area early morning August 29, 2005. The storm surge breached the city’s levees at multiple points, leaving 80 percent of the city submerged, tens of thousands of victims clinging to rooftops, and hundreds of thousands scattered to shelters around the country. Three weeks later, Hurricane Rita flooded much of the area.

The devastation to the Gulf Coast by these two hurricanes has been called the greatest disaster in our nation’s history.  Every natural disaster takes its toll, but when people are involved, a new set of needs arise.  The most important of them all is medical attention.

With this event in the Gulf Region, FEMA was in need of Mobile Medical Units, quickly.  SPEVCO’s flexible production process delivered 3 units in 30 days.  With ramp access, triage, and x-ray capabilities, the unit is ready for an immediate response.

What Is a Mobile Medical Unit?

Mobile medical clinic units offer patients in less densely populated areas the opportunity to receive quality care from medical professionals who may not be as easily accessible to them for many reasons. Thes units are used in cases of preventative care, emergency care in disaster areas and by industries that incorporate simulations in their job training.

Thes custom designed mobile medical clinic can be built to your specifications.

Companies that use these units have varying needs, as a result, we work closely with your company to design and build your medical clinic to fit your needs.