The Rise of The Experience

As marketing and sales folks, we should never forget that Humans are social animals.

“The need to gather and share stories dates back to the dawn of man, when our ancestors met around the fire to share in the kill and documented hunts on cave walls. Over thousands of years of political and social upheaval, disasters, and achievements that have shaped and reshaped our world, the need to share has remained constant — and it defines us as a species.” – Secrets, Strategies, and Success Stories from the World’s Greatest Brands

In today’s Marketing environment, it’s never been more important to tell your story in a way that cuts through the noise. Yesterday’s “yell louder and more often” marketing strategies are almost useless. Consumers skip ads, buy commercial free content, engage with indie entertainment, or just ignore your big-budget campaign. Irrelevant messages don’t create engagement but instead irritates the very people with whom you want a relationship.

Two choices are before you. The first is more of the same: pushing your message onto your target market through whatever mediums are available. The second, pulling audiences into staged corporate storytelling: combine your brand message with interactive elements and venues to purposefully deliver that story to a targeted audience in a live setting.

The second option is not new – experiential and promotional marketing has deep roots but is only lately hitting mainstream mass market appeal. We believe that is a reaction to the ineffectiveness of traditional advertising. It may be uncomfortable for you and your team but rest assured industry leaders and likely your peer group are investing significant amounts of time, treasure and energy into Event-based Marketing for communicating complicated brand messaging that doesn’t translate via radio, TV, or print.

At SPEVCO, our process encourages brands to embrace “show & sell” corporate storytelling using the four pillars of all stories: The Story, the storyteller, the medium by which the story is shared, and the listener. Don’t hesitate to connect with one of us to learn more about that process and how it might help you accomplish your goals.