The U.S. Army Trailers take to the road to promote the benefits of being ARMY STRONG.

SPEVCO is Army Strong. One of our most aggressive tours on the road today is for the U.S. Army through our client Momentum Worldwide. Four tours spread out across the U.S. to recruit for the Army.

The Strength in Action Tour consists of a 100′ x 100′ footprint full of action and information about the U.S. Army.

The recruitment and education tour provides hands-on activities, simulators, interactive presentations, and on-site recruiters for potential recruits to see what opportunities are available in the U.S. Army.

Fitness Exhibit – A 42′ stage exhibit with (3) 65″ monitors serves as the platform for promoting the physical fitness benefits and opportunities in the military.

Defender Exhibit – A 42′ double stage exhibit with rear tent structure takes individuals into the scene of battle in the America’s Army video game. A faux Humvee and laser shot weapons give the participants a true simulation of being a solider in the field.

Aviation Exhibit – A 42′ double stage exhibit with roof extension serves as the platform for two flight simulators that take potential recruits on a mission they’ll not soon forget.